Conal Gulban

Conal Gulban was a great ancestor of the O’Donnells and brother of eoghan, The ancestors of the O’Neill. Conal was killed while trying to defend his clan against the —- Masradians who were plundering the area and killing the Inhabitants. Connell was struck by a flying spear and died from the sever wound inflicted. He was buried here in Fenagh. Later when St Caillin came to Fenagh he is said to have resurrected him baptized him in the Christian faith and had him re-buried by the Dolman here in Fenagh. Below is a poem composed by St Caillin on Connell Gulban. St Caillin is addressing the famous warrior Donnell O’ Donnell whose greatness he is said to have foreseen, and whose heart he wishes to soften by telling him the nobleness of Conal Gulban his ancestor, whom he awakened from the tomb for the purpose of baptizing him.

My blessing on thee, Donnell, I prophesy thee without sorrow, Give me my visitation each time, As Conal Gulban Gave me.

Conal was first king of Temur, Of the sons of Niall, without opposition, Until he was killed in Moy-rein, Sixteen years he had mildy spent.

The Masradians went eastwards, For great plunder to temur, And the careful Conal came, To Moy-Rein to pursue them.

But a flying arrow killed the king, On that expedition, it is no falsehood, In Moy-Rein at Dun Baile, The Masradians defeated him,

A Year and a half I Spent at Leisure Until I brought his children from the North, And the splendid saints of Ireland, To effect his resurrection. I fasted for the king of heaven Together with the noble saints of Ireland, To resuscitate the great Conal without falsehood, In presence of the men of Ireland.

Conal Gulban comes upon his feet, From the tomb unto the clergy, And I together with the saints of Ireland, Blessed himself and all his children.