Cul Cille

Cul Cille, the back church is situated in the town land of Churchfeild (Said to be the smallest town land in Ireland) west of Fenagh. It is thought this church is possibly almost as old as Fenagh’s Abbey. It is substantially built, and runs east to west and measures 40ft by 20, walls 12ft high with gables 20ft.

Inside the entrance are carved two little fish each about 3 inches in length, one is engraved, the other is in relief. Of these carvings there is a story as follows.

Near the church is Loch Nacarriga and tradition says that when Cul Cille was in its glory, fish were very numerous in the lake. One day one of the monks asked some fisherman for some fish, his request was abruptly refused. The Holy Monk cursed the lake and said no fish would be caught in Loch Nacarriga for a number centuries. At this time the above mentioned fish were carved on the church walls as a reminder to the people. The sign of the fish is one of the signs used by early Christians.

Since being cursed . The first fish said to have been caught was in 1930 by a Bernard Flynn who lived close by