From 1250 until 1497

Fenagh 1250 onwards

A reference to Fenagh in the annals of Loch Ce under the date 1251 would seem to indicate that it was still in the hands of the monks. We are told of great deluge of rain on the fear of Saints Peter and Paul, as a consequence of which a mill could grind on the stream which ran from the arch to ATH-NA-FAITCHE during the time that vespers were being sung(chanted) in the church of FIODHNACH.

ATHA-NA-FAITHCHE; Not now in existence. It probably was at the point where the bridge now stands in Fenagh Village. It means the ford of the exercise grenn. Dates very likely from the days of the “CASHEL” or stone Fort.

1255; Juliana, daughter of the Coarb of Caillin died COARB; lay caretaker of the Church and lands.

1256; Feilim O’Connor and Con OF Breifne attack and plunder church and for reasons we do not know did not attack Fenagh.

1257; Fenagh not so lucky this time with AEDH son of Feilim O’Connor plundered Fenagh and stole one hundred cows.

1331; The Coarb of ST. Caillin dies in the monastery at Mohill his name is recorded as Giolla Na Naomh Mac Cele.

1360; William, son of the Coarb was killed. The monastery of Fenagh was accidentally burned.

1377; John O Rodaghan, Coarbs of Caillin a gerenal scholar died.

1428; The successor of Caillin died this year, namely Robert the Abbott.

1446; Feilim, the son of John O’Rourke was slain in the centre of the church by his own kinsmen, namely the sons of Loughlin O’Rourke.

1447; The Coarb of Fenagh, who kept a House of public hospitality for all comers died. His name is recorded as Matha son of Robert.

1486; Teige, the son of Cathal Og Mac Rannal(Reynolds) Chief of Muinntir Eolais died and is buried in Fenagh.

Munntir Eolais; South Leitrim and Longford.

1497; Tadhg son of William O’Rodachain died in his own house.