Moy Rein

The battle of Moy Rein (Fenagh)

The Book of Fenagh tells us of a great battle that took place in Ancient times between Looee (lughaidh) the long handed one and the Formorian’s. We also find that looee was related to the Formorian’s. He was the grandson of Balor King of the Fomorians of Tory on his mothers side, on his— side he was a Danonian who were the sworn enemy of the Fomorians. It seemed that the Fomorians at this time ruled Ireland and exacted a very heavy rent and tribute from the people. The people of Erin had to give two-thirds of their corn and milk and also their first born child had to be given up to the Fomorians. Also a ounce of gold for every nose in Erin. Looee the long handed delivered the Irish from this bondage by defeating the Fomorians in the Battle of Moy-tury. After their defeat a great number of them fled before Looee to Fenagh and it said that it was from the tracks of their flight (Rian-tracks) that Fenagh was Moy Rein. Looee we are told over took them on the eastern side of the plain of Fenagh , where he slew nine of their kings. Afterwards he placed huge stones over the graves of the kings which we now know to-day as the Giants graves.